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Process Server Services

Highland Security & Investigations, LLC specializes in Process Serving services in the Greater Columbus Area, complying with all the jurisdiction's rules. We handle the process in a professional manner and on-time, giving clients the confidence that their needs are properly handled. Our licensed and experienced process servers are fully-trained to ensure that the due process of law is upheld and that the legal papers are served in a highly effective and appropriate fashion, as laid out by the State. If papers aren’t served properly, courts can't rule and entire cases may be thrown out. Even worse, you could be liable for delays in court proceedings or potential fines.

Proper service of process initially establishes personal jurisdiction of the court over the person served. If the defendant ignores further pleadings or fails to participate in the proceedings, then the court or administrative body may find the defendant in default and award relief to the claimant, petitioner or plaintiff.


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