Armed Security

Highland Security & Investigations, LLC provides armed security Agents for businesses or facilities that require more extensive protection. We take the safety and security of your assets seriously, and offer fully licensed, insured, and bonded armed security services to financial institutions, industrial facilities, and more. How do you know if armed security is the right choice for your facility or business?

* Your coverage is currently provided by off-duty police
* Quasi law enforcement functions are required
* A highly sensitive environment requires elevated levels of security
* Substantial value must be protected

At Highland Security & Investigations, LLC, we understand these needs and concerns. We offer customized armed security services to the unique needs of each of our clients. We work closely with you to determine the level of armed security your facility requires and provide the best armed security services around. That's how we've become a leader in the contract security industry - by setting a high standard for armed security, and meeting it consistently. When you hire Highland Security & Investigations, LLC to provide armed security services for your facility, you place a great deal of trust in us. We take that responsibility seriously.

Our armed security Agents have extensive experience and have undergone rigorous training to ensure they provide the highest level of security possible. We ensure that our Agents meet or exceed state requirements and are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Perhaps equally important, we ensure that our armed security agents possess the stability, maturity, and temperament to handle the responsibilities of armed security.

At Highland Security & Investigations, LLC, you aren't just hiring highly trained and capable armed security agents, you are hiring a leader in the contract security industry. We've built our reputation on providing unparalleled armed security services and rock-solid support.

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