The fundamental ideals of Highland Security & Investigations, LLC are to provide an experienced, professional, and trained staff of investigators and security agents. We strive to provide personnel above and beyond today's typical stereotypes of security guards. Highland is a leader in the industry and we are setting the standards for all to follow. We ensure the highest quality services will be provided to our customers at reasonable and competitive rates.

Highland was established with three integral Core Values for all our agents and personnel to live by to set the example we strive to set:

1. Integrity First
2. Excellence in all we do
3. To Protect & Serve

We also live and work by the motto:

"Professionalism Through Integrity".

We demand the best of our agents to fulfill our guarantee to provide the best service to ensure you feel secure. All Highland Security Agents undergo a rigorous and intense training program prior to being dispatched to any of our contracts. This ensures a properly trained Agent is assigned to our accounts. Part of this training program includes the following:

1. Standard Policies & Procedures

2. Rules specific to your location

3. First Aid / CPR / AED Training 

4. Report Writing

5. Emergency Response Procedures

6. Violence in the Work Place

7. Diversity & Conduct

8. Sexual Harassment

9. And many more...

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